Frequently Asked Questions

WHAT is Speed Equity® Relocation?

Speed Equity® Relocation is a white glove real estate concierge service that only works with small/ independent recruiters and their clients.

WHAT does Speed Equity® Relocation do?

We provide at $0 COST, a complete list of white glove relocation services based on your unique relocation needs to:

  1. Help you SELL your existing home;
  2. Help you BUY a home where you relocate to; as well as ...
  3. Provide you all the tools & resources necessary to organize your MOVE so that it is EASY & EFFORTLESS.
  4. For those clients that utilize the services of our preferred lender, we have organized a LOAN CLOSING COST CREDIT OF UP TO $1,700.

HOW does Speed Equity® Relocation do this?

We often get asked; “How can you provide ALL these wonderful services and not charge anything for them?”

Answer: because we get compensated by the professional real estate agent(s) whom we find that end up working with you.

You see, agents spend a majority of their time prospecting for new clients rather than on actual real estate transactions. When we help them partner with you as a home buyer or home seller, they are more than happy to share a percentage of their commissions with us for delivering their professional services to you. This way EVERYBODY WINS!

YOU WIN because you get a superb concierge experience to help you relocate with the seasoned, reputable, and knowledgeable real estate professionals we find to work with you;

AGENTS WIN because they get a client that is ready to utilize their professional services;

WE WIN because we are fairly compensated for doing what we love … being of service to relocation clients like you – at ABSOLUTELY NO COST!

HOW do I know that I can trust the caliber of your agents?

ALL the 13,000+ nationwide agents Speed Equity® Relocation works with have been personally researched and recruited based on their location, property focus, and annual results. Our agents have an average 4+ year tenure in our network & they must be invited into our network based on stringent requirements. They cannot pay to join.  We do this to guarantee that they will act quickly to ensure the best possible experience for you & your clients.

WHAT countries does Speed Equity® Relocation offer its services?

At present our white glove real estate concierge service is only offered to clients that relocate within the continental United States.

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