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We believe in providing exceptional customer service.

We believe that relocating to a new place because you found your dream job should be an exciting & joyous occasion for the entire family.

We believe in helping you make your move EASY & EFFORTLESS.

Meet the Founders

Charles Wadlow

Charles Wadlow has twenty years of executive recruiting experience and is ranked in the top 1% of Executive Recruiters on a national level based on his individual billing production.

He is one of the first people under the age of thirty to bill One Million in production in one year. What is even more impressive is that his billings have come without the assistance of lead generators, account executives or research assistants.

Charles Wadlow is also touted by his fellow recruiters as being the nation’s leading educational speaker on executive recruiting. Because of his impressive production levels, over six thousand (6,000) recruiters in retained and executive search contingency have attended his training academy.

It was during his speaking engagements that Charles noticed a much needed service for small/ independent recruiters that do not have the relocation resources of large job placement agencies. That observation led to a partnership with Harj Gill and thus was born Speed Equity® Relocation ... a NO COST, white glove concierge service to help small/ independent recruiters relocate their job placement clients with little to no fuss.

Harj Gill

Harj Gill is an International Mortgage Reduction Expert, creator of the Speed Equity® Mortgage Acceleration System & Bestselling Author of, “How to Own Your Home Years Sooner - WITHOUT making extra interest payments”...


Harj attended the University of Western Australia where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science, a Postgraduate Diploma in Science, as well as a Master of Education.

Harj is also the President & CEO of Speed Equity® LLC as well being a licensed real estate agent in WASHINGTON State. In 2012, he founded the WA DOL approved Speed Equity® School of Real Estate (School ID# S1705) and had his "Mortgage Acceleration" class (Course ID# 7037) accepted as part of the State continuing education curriculum for real estate agents.

When Harj & Charles were formally introduced by a mutual business associate, it didn't take long for them to formulate a one-stop concierge service to help small/ independent recruiters easily relocate their clients ... AT NO COST!

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We look forward to providing you with exceptional white glove service.